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An Interview with:

Billy Hanson

CFO (Staten Island, NY)

cannon copier provided by Reliable Office Solutions

How long has Reliable Office Solutions been in business?

We started as a small family-owned office supply store in Staten Island, NY in 1974. We have proudly been in business serving the NY & NJ area for over 40 years and counting!

What does Reliable Office Solutions do?

Our organization is unique. While we offer anything and everything that would help our clients’ businesses run smoothly, our most notable contributions have been within the office equipment industry. Reliable provides both sales and service to thousands upon thousands of existing clients. We continue to grow, year after year- despite the state of the US economy. We believe that there is a reason for that… our organization still holds on to the traditional values that were in place decades ago. We treat our associates and our clients as a part of the family– something that sets us apart from our competitors. We strive to provide both our existing and future clients with the best sales, technical and customer service representatives available in the industry. Additionally, we offer constant training and technical assistance to both our staff and clients alike.

Some of the products that we offer are:

  • Multifunction Copiers, Scanners, Printers, Production Equipment
  • Complete Array of IT Services scaled to fit the specific needs of our clients
  • VoIP Phone Systems equipped with all desirable features
  • Document Management, Cost Recovery & Document Security Software Solutions

“We strive to give our client’s the best quality service possible by providing proactive support fit for the modern office. Redefining the meaning of ‘Reliable’ one client at a time. ”

Billy Hanson, CFO, Reliable Office Solutions


Who is your ideal customer?


Our ideal customer is any size business. We currently have customers ranging from small home offices to large organizations. Our goal is to provide our clients with one vendor who can take care of all their business needs. Reliable Office Solutions has partnered with the best of the best in the office equipment industry. When the time comes to replace existing equipment and solutions we help remove uncertainty from the equation with our top notch offerings across the board.

  reliable office solutions partners

What are Reliable Office Solutions’ most popular products?

  • Canon MFP’s, Riso duplicators and Kyocera printers
  • NEC VoIP
  • IT Services

We would be remise if we did not mention that Canon office equipment has always been our most popular product line. They are the best copiers in the industry. We are very pleased to announce that we have earned Elite Partner Status from Canon for 2015. As an Authorized Dealer for Canon, we are privileged to work hand in hand with Canon USA and our Sales and Technical staff are held to their high standards. Currently, all of our technicians hold Canon USA technical certifications and are well on their way to becoming ATSP Certified Canon Technicians. Canon ATSP prepares dealer support technicians to resolve any customer hardware or software problem. “With the newly structured ATSP program, Canon dealer technicians will be the best in the industry in responding to the rapid changes in technology that impact their business,” said James Sharp, director and general manager, Systems and Technical Support Division at Canon U.S.A., adding, “When a Canon customer sees the ATSP logo, they can be assured that the technician responding to their call has the highest industry standard of certification and manufacturer-backed training to effectively solve any problem.”

What are the pros and cons of leasing versus buying a copier?


Leasing a copier is a lot like leasing a car, in that there is no upfront cost to the buyer. In a lease, most of our equipment will be sold with a service contract built in, whereas if you purchase, a service contract would be a separate cost. Leasing is preferable to most of our clients because they know they will be eligible for a new machine before the end of their current lease term and they will be able to take full advantage of the advancements in technology rather quickly. Purchasers tend to hang on to their equipment purchases until the up keep becomes too expensive or parts simply become unavailable.… mind you this happens in less than 8 years in a lot of cases.

    Reliable Office Solutions products

What features are most important to your customers?

Every customer loves the built in solutions our Canon products offer but some are looking for the cutting edge tech that can set them apart from their own competition… these clients meet with our specialists and discuss what solutions would meet any needs how to implement them efficiently.

Universal Send

Universal Send software transforms copiers into digital communication hubs. “With Canon’s proprietary Universal Send technology, the imageRUNNER® Series allows workgroup users to distribute scanned documents to multiple network destinations—such as individual or group e-mail addresses or Internet faxes, local MailBoxes, network folders, and document management systems—in one simple operation. This helps eliminate the expense and administrative burdens associated with forwarding and filing hard-copy documents. Universal Send offers a number of productivity-enhancing features, including the ability to select several industry-standard file formats”.

Secure Print

Secure Print software allows users to print their jobs to the RAM (a partition in the hard drive inside the device) giving the user time to arrive at the device and then release the print job. This eliminates paper waste, confidential documents unattended in the tray and lost documents. It also allows a user time to load the proper media into the correct paper tray in order to avoid a “load paper” error.

Department Id Codes

Department Id codes help monitor who is printing, copying, scanning, etc. at the device. It provides our clients with an “entry level” security measure to prevent either over use or misuse of a device. With this feature activated, our clients enjoy lower color printing costs and users have a sense of accountability for what and how much they print or copy. The touch panel screen changes indicating that you need to have an ID and Password to use the machine. There are specific limitations that can be placed on certain users and there is a way to allow Black and White copying without a code.

Remote User Interface

One of the most outstanding features which allow an Administrator together with our servicing team to set things up to accommodate each of our clients varying needs. This RUI gives our tech support team the ability to actually SEE the device from a remote location and most often resolve issues quickly and easily.


“Our clients are comfortable doing business with us”

Billy Hanson, CFO, Reliable Office Solutions


What do you think is most important for customers to understand when looking for a copier (Multi-Function Printer)?

  • A copier (MFP) typically performs well for 3-5 years. Most of our clients lease the office equipment. It is important for equipment to operate well and the first years are the best years. Multi-function devices, in general, are maintenance intensive and parts are expensive, therefore, we recommend a service and toner inclusive package.
  • It is important to know the quality of the brand you are buying, and what to expect over time in order to keep them running properly.
  • A large number of customers who left their previous vendors claimed they were dissatisfied with the service they received and experienced a lot of “down time” as a result. Reliable has an impressive first-time fix ratio and response time. Two things that a customer should consider before doing business with any organization.

How does your Print Management Service work?

Print management service is a cost effective, time saving, remote monitoring of your devices to analyze how you use your printer. Print management service helps to reduce the cost of supplies. Say you have 100 printers, with only 5 of them needing service. We will replace the toner and cartridges of only those specific devices, with a minimal cost per image.

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software is like a virtual file cabinet shared across your office. With this software, all files can simply be scanned in as a paperless document that can be easily accessed.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Part of the Reliable team

Reliable Office Solutions’ employs a boutique type of service – from sale and installation to the post-delivery services. We are able to service clients with special scenarios who have specific requests. We pride ourselves on quality service above all else.


“We guarantee our credentials in writing.”

Billy Hanson, CFO, Reliable Office Solutions

What is your perspective on the future of the copier industry?


Copiers are sustainable and there is going to be a focus on the vertical markets as well as the software technologies that go along with each individual market. The shift from copying and faxing to printing and scanning revolutionized the industry in the late 1990’s. The copying industry adjusted to the evolving needs of its customers. Technological advancements will keep pushing the features offered on MFP’s to be and stay relevant to the savviest of users. Software will become more relevant than ever before and can either be an overlay, or work in conjunction with the equipment. Either way, this is where the industry continues to head.

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