Do I Need a Document Imaging System or Service?

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System vs. Service  

Are you looking at some type of document management to organize and streamline your office files? It can be confusing to determine what you really need since much of the terminology for document management is used interchangeably. Do you need document imaging, digital imaging, document management? What’s the difference between a document imaging system or service?

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For simplicity’s sake, when it comes to document imaging, focus on the keywords system and service.

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Document Imaging System

A DI system refers to the actual hardware and software that is used to store and organize your files on your server. In other words, you are opting for a self-hosted system in which you control how your files are stored and organized. To retain control of the process, you use a scanner or other digital imaging equipment and software to transfer files to your server. Your storage capacity is limited to what your server can handle, but you control every aspect of the imaging process.

Document Imaging Services

If you choose to outsource the process of digitally storing and managing your files, then you are using a DI service. A company that provides cloud-hosted document imaging services can digitally transfer your files either on or off-site. Those files and workflow software can then be accessed online by your employees with a device of their choice.

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If you want to read more about Document Management Systems and Services, you can read our Document Imaging Buyer’s Guide.

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