Document Imaging: Cloud vs. Self-Hosted

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What’s the Difference? 

Your business needs a framework for organizing both digital and paper documents. With the right software, you can improve workflow, increase accessibility to files, and assure privacy through HIPAA compliance. Learn the difference between cloud vs. self-hosted document imaging.

shared and dedicated hosting

content management system

Self-Hosted Document ImagingYOUR server and YOUR software managing YOUR files (on-site).

A document imaging system stores all software and files on your server. Storage will be limited to what your server can handle, but you will always be in control of the system. Using a scanner or multi-format printer and imaging software will help you transfer any paper documents you have into a digital format.
If in-house management of your files is a priority, then a self-hosted management system is for you.

cloud hosting

Cloud-Hosted ServicesOff-site management of your software and files by a document imaging service. The software that organizes and stores your files is maintained by an outside provider and can only be accessed by your employees online. A document imaging service will take care of transferring any hard copies into to a digital format.

If ease of access is a priority for your employees, then you need a cloud-hosted document imaging service.

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