Used vs. Refurbished Office Copiers

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What’s the difference between used and refurbished copiers? 

If you’re not interested in paying full price for a commercial copier, an affordable alternative is to purchase a used, refurbished or re-manufactured copier. But it can be a bit confusing when a lot of terms are thrown around and used interchangeably. What is the difference between a used, refurbished or re-manufactured copier? Not knowing this could dramatically affect the quality of copier you get and how much you are going pay.

High-volume copier

That’s why we created this chart – to simplify the terms so that you can find the right type of copier to fit your business needs.

Here are the main differences between a used and refurbished/re-manufactured* commercial copier:

chart showing differences between used and refurbished copiers

*A re-manufactured copier is almost exactly the same as a refurbished copier. The only difference is that a remanufactured copier is serviced and resold by the manufacturer while a refurbished machine is serviced and resold by a third party.

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If you want more information about renting or buying a commercial copier, you can read our Office Copier Buyer’s Guide.

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