Analog vs. Digital Copiers

Which Way Do I Go: Analog vs. Digital Copier

We live in a digital world. Today, a digital copier is to an analog copier what a CD is to a cassette or a DVD to a VHS. The technical differences are complex, but it’s sufficient to say that analog copiers are considered outdated and are quickly being replaced with digital copiers.

Learn the differences between the old school analog copies and the new digital copiers.

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Take a look at the differences between analog and digital.

chart showing features of analog vs. digital copiers

Sure, analog copiers, like record players or film photography, may always have a place in hobby industries. But when it comes to the business world, digital rules. Analog copiers require more moving parts to keep them cool and as a result, they make a lot of noise, they require more repairs, and they tend to collect more dust (making image quality lower). Not only that but they have NO storage! Users must recopy the original document each time a copy is made. This is ludicrous in today’s fast-paced business world. On the other hand, multi-function digital copiers have fewer moving parts, better image quality, better graphic rendering, and the capability to edit documents. Additionally, digital copiers scan an image once and save it, then the copy can be reproduced an infinite number of times.

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